To Know Some Information about the Production of Zinc Chemicals

Global Chemical limited is a chemical based company that is known to have established in the year 1974.  It manufactured zinc chloride initially, now it has widened its production and produces Active Supplier of Zinc Oxide, USP Grades Oxides, Zinc Sulfate as well as Ammonium Chloride. The products manufactured by the company are of fine quality and are offered at a competitive price.

The global chemical is a Thailand based company and it exports its product to various continents like Asia, America, and Europe. In this article, you will be discussed the Supplier of zinc oxide in dry rubber and latex and galvanise.

Application Related To Dry Rubber and Latex

There is a wide range of applications of zinc chemical and dry rubber and latex is one such field, to enhance the vulcanization zinc oxide play a vital role. Zinc oxide made by this company has high surface area and the particles of the Supplier of zinc oxide are comparatively smaller this helps to give a better vulcanization to the dry rubber and latex. Despite its dosage, the impact it has is much greater in the composition of rubber.

Supplier of Zinc Oxide


The company has produced zinc chemical in order to assist galvanizing industry. The organization has all-new machinery and instruments that allow them to give out the exact color and release less smoke into the air. This allows saving the metal.

If you have any doubt then you can contact the helpdesk or visit You can also visit the website of the company where you can see the work of the company and the different product and services of the company in detail. This will help you to draw a detailed knowledge about the company.

The company is an ISO certified company with all it effective work it has drawn huge attention from the various corner of the world. The products of the company are also exported to various continent.

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